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Eric Lemieux, Expert Analysis

Lithium North Project acquired by DIOS, Eeyou Istchee James Bay, Quebec


Dios announced on March 7, 2023 the acquisition of the large Lithium North Project some ~12 to 20 km north of its Lithium33 property totalling 136 wholly-owned claims for 7,142 ha in James Bay region of NW Québec. Recall Dios had reported on February 16, 2023 that it had acquired the Lac LeCaron lithium project totaling ~57 claims for 3,000ha north of LeCaron Lake, ~14 km NNE of Eastmain-1 powerhouse and facilities (see: The new Lithium North Project covers 2 prospective areas of pegmatites: 1) NE-SW striking 13 km-long section and 2) NW-SE 6 km long one, both hosting porphyritic/pegmatitic granodiorite with pegmatite pockets and 5-50% dykes, wrapped around a magnetic biotite granite. The claims are also located near N-S & NE magnetic lineament swarms crosscutting the general NW magnetic trend. The claim area host lithium metal lake sediment anomalies (up to 27, 21.5, 14.6, 12.7 and 8ppm Li) combined with other anomalous critical elements (30.5 and 13.9ppm Rb; >2ppm, up to 8ppm Cs) near pegmatitic outcrops.

Potential good located area: The Lithium North Project lies within a greenstone belt sub-province and outside the limits of former Tyrell Sea (where glacial sediments were re-worked and concentrated – see: and Dios’ Lithium North Project is located at the head of significant (30km-long) cluster of lake sediment anomalies (8ppm to 100.6ppm Li; 10ppm to 72ppm Rb; 2ppm to 8ppm Cs). The Lithium North Project is located ~60 km ENE of Allkem James Bay/Cyr lithium Deposit (40.3Mt @ 1.40%Li2O resource) and ~55km north of Rose Deposit (26.3Mt @ 0.87% Li2O and 138 ppm Ta2O5 resources) of Critical Elements Lithium Corp. (CRE-V) ( The geochemical signature of Lithium North is said to be comparable to Rose-Pivert Deposit. Finally, and notably, Dios owns a total of 1,190 claims for 66,114ha in Eeyou Istchee James Bay.


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