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Porphyric type gold 33 Carats project returns 60 tonalite samples with disseminated copper sulfides

33 CARATS: Upper Eastmain area, James bay, Northern Quebec

Located NW of the Eastmain gold mine,  this project encloses granodioritic-tonalitic rocks with disseminated chalcopyrite (copper sulfide)-pyrite mineralization and quartz veins which show potential for gold porphyric mineralizations.

In July-August 2012, Dios completed a spectrometry and prospecting-mapping follow-up (325 rock samples with sixty disseminated copper sulfide bearing samples) targeting the tonalitic phase of Erasme Lake intrusive. There is a clear gold-silver-copper-bismuth association typical of gold porphyry deposits.

Dios has also just completed a soil sampling (1200 humus samples) in the same area to find drill targets.

Many tonalitic glacial boulders returning between 1.0 and 3.2 g/t Au discovered last Fall by Dios are located up ice of a gold in till train (252-2,090 ppb Au).

The Otish Mountains road which will go to the diamond Renard deposit passes through the prospective area of the soil grid.

14 KARATS: 50-75 km NE of 33 Carats

During the same period, Dios undertook prospecting-mapping on this project located between the Leran- Patamisk lakes.

It covers a volcano-sedimentary sequence at the contact of sub-provinces La Grande (equivalent) and Opinaca and up ice of the gold in tills (356, 534, 583, 642, 1160, 2230 ppb Au).

Almost 230 rock samples were grabbed and sent to laboratories and was also completed a glacial till sampling (69 samples) program.

SHADOW : Opinaca-Eastmain 1 – Lower Eastmain area, James bay, Northern Quebec

A summer exploration program on the southern part of this gold project was completed in the Eastmain-1 sector.

It comprises soil sampling (1300 humus samples) and prospecting-mapping (53 rock samples). It specifically targeted a volcano-sedimentary contact folded on the edge of a felsic intrusive, located up ice of many goldbearing tills (241, 983, 1120, 3510ppb Au).

LECARON: Shadow project adjacent

Dios plans other mapping-prospecting work on this gold project which will target more precisely a sector covering mafics volcanics up ice of gold tills (208, 236, 265, 285, 666, 921, 925, 1035 ppb Au) where 37 rock samples were taken in 2012.

A till sampling campaing (20 samples) was undertaken looking for other targets in the same area.

AU 33 WEST: same sector than Le Caron

Still in the same area, on this gold project, partner Osisko has completed a second year of soil samplings (140 samples of B horizon) and prospecting-mapping (364 rock samples with spectometry-K readings) which targeted porphyric mineralizations in the intrusive rocks.

More work is planned for the fall, results pending.

Rock samples were sent to the ALS-CHEMEX laboratories and IOS Géoscientifiques completed glacial till sampling in these area and also completed soil sampling for Dios.

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