About us

The strength of Dios’s gold projects lies in their prospective location at James Bay along a major geological structure that is also home to GoldCorp’s Eleonore deposit.

Dios Exploration Inc. is a leader in research for gold and diamonds in glacial lands, systematically sampling glacial sediment deposits and possessing approximately 624 claims along major geological contact at James Bay.

These claims have high potential for gold and diamonds.

DIOS’s business strategy is to generate exploration projects – from scientific concept to feasibility – and develop them either alone or as part of a joint venture.

DIOS’s shareholders benefit from a diversified exploration portfolio based on the potential of gold and diamond deposits.

Current properties are: K2, AU 33, Clarkie, 33 Carats and 14K.


Dios’s gold projects are located in a very poorly metamorphized geological subprovince, in southern contact with the highly metamorphized metasediments of Opinaca. The important Eleonore gold deposit is located near this contact.

Dios Exploration generates its own geological research opportunities to develop them on its own, or in partnership.

Several diamond exploration projects are active along the favourable structure of Mistissini-Lemoyne, host of several kimberlites, including the Fox Diamond Kimberlite group, and Dios’s Hotish 1-4 Kimberlites.

The multiple data acquired by Dios following the systematic sampling of glacial deposits on its properties located in the geological subprovince of La Grande, near contact with that of Opinaca, have also generated several gold projects.