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Lithium is considered a strategic metal due to its increasing use in batteries for electric vehicles and electronic devices.

Growth prospects for electric vehicles and renewable energy have led to strong demand for lithium, which has driven prices higher.

What is lithium?

Lithium is a metallic chemical element with symbol Li and atomic number 3.

It is the lightest of all metals and it occurs naturally in the earth’s crust, mostly as minerals.

Specifically, it is highly valued due to its low density and high energy storage capacity, making it an excellent choice for batteries.

Lithium is also used in metal alloys to produce lighter and stronger metals, making it a material of choice in the aerospace and automotive industries.

Lithium production has increased significantly in recent years.

However, it is limited by the availability of quality deposits and by production costs, which has led to a rise in lithium prices on world markets.

Potential for a lithium mine in Quebec

There is currently a brand new lithium mine project in Quebec.

This is Galaxy Lithium, which is located about a hundred kilometers east of James Bay.

Read: Ottawa OKs lithium mine project in Global News of January 16, 2023.

Several other lithium mine development projects are underway in the province.

These projects are mainly located in James Bay.

James Bay is a region in northwestern Quebec that is home to one of the largest potential lithium deposits in the world.

This would be a premium lithium reserve.

Dios Exploration projects

Dios Exploration owns 3 exploration properties, to date, for potential lithium deposits in James Bay.

  1. Nemiscau-Nord Lithium metal battery: 164 claims for 9274 hectares, an area with known lithium deposits. Lake bottom sediment anomalies were detected.
  2. Lithium33 Battery Metal: 146 claims totaling 7,705 hectares, with 7 significant lithium geochemical anomalies.
  3. Pontax-North lithium property: totals 40 wholly-owned claims for 2134 hectares with several significant lithium-rubidium-cesium geochemical anomalies.

For all 3 projects, field work is planned for 2023.

Roger Guévremont

Director Dios Exploration


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