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DIOS acquires Pontax-North Lithium property

Montreal, Quebec, Canada Management of Dios Exploration Inc. is very pleased to report Dios acquired the Pontax-North lithium property within James Bay prolific lithium region of central Quebec, Canada.  It is located north of Pontax River and some 23km south of KM381 facilities.

Pontax-North lithium is also located some 6 km north (and west) of Pontax-Lithium prospect (1.16% Li2O over 30.55m) of Striae Resources and about 23 km due south of Galaxy Resources James Bay/Cyr lithium deposit (40.3Mt @1.40%Li2O resource) for which Canada Environment federal minister just gave its approval on January 16 to start this new lithium mine in James Bay.

The Pontax-North lithium project covers favourable rocks (paragneiss) along the margins of a 23 by 5-10 km magnetic felsic pluton with a prospective section some 10-11 km long. Pontax-North claims are also located in the axis of SW-NE glacial movement and along a cluster of lithium metal lake sediment anomalies combined with useful other anomalous critical elements.*  The claims are also located in the vicinities of several magnetic features intersecting the general SW-NE magnetic trend. Pontax-North lithium totals 33 wholly-owned claims for 1760 hectares.  Field work is planned in 2023.

Geochemical signature is comparable to Pivert-Rose deposit and Pontax-Lithium prospect with even higher values in secondary environment.  Pontax-Lithium (lithium-tantalum-bearing pegmatite dikes) was discovered and successfully drilled in the scope of former joint Dios/Sirios Resources exploration project under supervision of Harold Desbiens M.Sc. P.Geo, V.P. of Dios & 43-101 Qualified Person, who reviewed this release.                   * Pontax-North (Li over 15ppm, up to 22.5ppm; Cs>2ppm; Rb > 13ppm, up to 18.2ppm)



DIOS acquires the Pontax-North Lithium property in central Eeyou Istchee James Bay, Québec



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