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February 19, 2018


MONTREAL, QUEBEC – DIOS EXPLORATION acquired the FARWEST claim block in adding 25 claims to its K2 gold-silver-copper project along the Opinaca River, now totalling 95 claims for 49 square km.

Wholly-owned K2 contains 20 gold-silver-copper showings (up to 8.08 g/t gold; 148 g/t silver; 3.24% copper; 1.34% zinc) hosted in calc-alkaline felsic volcanics along a synvolcanic diorite-tonalite intrusive.

The FARWEST claims were added to fully cover a series of kilometric (1-5 km) input-electromagnetic (2-5 channels) conductors over a minimum strikelength of 8 km along the western part of the Archean Lower Eastmain Greenstonebelt.  These conductors include the WI-Target, a nine airborne inputs-EM (2-3 channel anomalies) conductor over a 3 km strikelength within a volcanic domain located west of K2.

This ENE conductor (WI-Target) is bordering the southern margin of a 4 x1 km EW low magnetic anomaly. Reconnaissance work in 2017 yielded a 6.72 g/t gold glacial float and very limited B-horizon test sampling graded up to 49 and 283 ppb gold along an ENE drumlin (proximal glacial feature) adjacent to the EM conductor. This same input conductor was confirmed by later 2006 Geotech VTEM (versatile time-domain EM) & related AIIP (Airborne Inductively Induced Polarization) survey.

The Board granted 980,000 five year stock options at $0.10 per share under Director Employee Stock Option Plan.  Technical content was reviewed by Harold Desbiens, V.P. of DIOS, M.Sc. Geo and 43-101 QP.


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