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A gold interest zone of a few sq. kilometers of homogeneous grayish granite (tonalite) with some sixty disseminated copper sulfide bearing samples.

 A clear gold-silver-copper-bismuth association typical of gold porphyry deposits. The style of mineralization (disseminated, not vein-hosted) and metal association suggest potential for a low-grade bulk tonnage porphyry gold deposit.

Humus anomaly map

Five main gold anomalies (including 30 samples exceeding the 99.8 percentile gold in humus) were outlined over a non magnetic 4.5 x 2 km tonalitic phase. The gold anomalies appears N-S to NNE oriented and extend from 300 to 1 500 meters. They are also located adjacent (and up-ice) of goldbearing metric floats grading up to 7.76 g/t Au and outcrops grading up to 4.93 g/t Au.

Sub-parallel to the gold anomalies, two 3 km-long copper humus anomalies are coincidental with the magnetic/non-magnetic tonalite contact and the non-magnetic tonalite/magnetic granodiorite contact. Assays from previous rock-sampling confirmed a good gold-copper correlation.  These gold soil anomalies are located within one to two kilometres of the new #167  road.

Humus anomaly map

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