Major Explorer in the larger Otish Mountains Region, Dios Exploration is focusing its exploration effort in Central Quebec, Canada.

Dios Exploration generates its own research projects and brings them to a certain stage of development and possibly farm them out to an eventual partner. Several diamond projects were developed over the years, and the proprietary data gathered by DIOS also helped generate gold projects, particularly along the favourable Mistissini-Lemoyne Structure that hosts several kimberlites, including the Renard diamondiferous cluster and the Hotish 1 to 4 kimberlites of Dios.
The kimberlite bearing Hotish property is located at the western contact between the Proterozoic age Otish sedimentary Basin and an Archean basement. Such a geological context is worldwide known for its mineral potential and possibly Iron Oxides Copper Gold Mineralization following proprietary data gathered by DIOS.