The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada (PDAC) established a framework for responsible exploration called E3 Plus.  The E3 Plus serves as a framework for exploration companies to continue their activities while improving their environmental, social and health and safety performance as well integrating these three aspects in all their exploration work.


Dios adoptedthe eight principles of E3 Plus and asks its consultants and suppliers to also respect

them. Here are the main principles that apply to the Company:


·  Apply ethical business practices:

Dios continues to abide by management procedures

that promote honesty, integrity, transparency and accountability


· Engage host communities and other affected and interested parties:

During exploration activities, Dios makes sure to interact with local and native communities, notably trappers, organizations, groups and individuals on the basis of respect, inclusion and meaningful participation.


· Protect the environment:

Dios conducts its exploration activities in ways that create minimal disturbance to the environment and applies, in all of its operations, the principles of sustainable development.


Moreover, on May 21, 2014, the Company’s Board of Directors signed a resolution with the

following commitments about sustainable development governance:


· Concerning governance and responsible management, the Company must ensure:

 That employees, of all levels, understand their social and environmental responsibilities, and that they work towards improving their workplace environmental.


To plan, evaluate and manage all its projects with rigor in order to minimize the negative effects on the environment and local communities.


· Maintaining an open dialogue is key to responsible management of projects on lands used by others. The Company must ensure:


To develop a proactive, open and transparent communication with local authorities (including Native communities), municipal authorities, as well as governmental organizations.


To develop a proactive communication with other parties involved from the region.


· Concerning health and safety, the Company must ensure:

 To diligently apply the regulations, in terms of health and safety in all of its exploration activities.


·  Concerning the environment, the Company must ensure:

 To apply with diligence the environmental regulations in of its exploration activities.


·  Concerning socio-economic implication, the Company must ensure:

 Whenever possible, to generate benefits on a local level and to contribute to the local development by constructively partnering with native and non-native communities in order to respectively consider the interests of all parties involved


DIOS recherche des intrusions à fort potentiel près de structures profondes. L’érosion glaciaire génère des sédiments et leur échantillonnage permet de tracer des traînées de minéraux indicateurs (pour le diamant). DIOS a découvert par ce type d’échantillonnage plusieurs traînées de dispersion pour l’or et a trouvé en amont des intrusions granitiques aurifères près de structures.

Les intrusions de kimberlites sont des intrusions provenant des grandes profondeurs de la terre, souvent associées aux zones de rift. Ce sont des faciès lithologiques de magmatisme alcalin. Les kimberlites (diamant) sont des volcans dont la source se trouve dans le manteau, à quelque 400 kilomètres de profondeur.